Discover the Art of
Living “Energy Rich”

Master the invisible forces that shape your life and destiny.

You’ve Accomplished Amazing Things
Yet You Know There’s More…

If you are committed to unstoppable growth and unlimited abundance in all areas of your life, but get stressed-out and overwhelmed from working the unheard of hours and managing the hundreds of things it takes to make the impact you really want, BCL will help you take things to the next level by mastering the art of living Energy Rich.

When You Are Energy Rich You Are Free.

“Energy Rich” is a state of effortlessness flow where you are fully energized, centered, in the zone, guided, confident and resting in true liberation. When you are Energy Rich your body and mind are so in-synch and you feel so in alignment that the weight of inner-struggle that most achievers feel is replaced by gratitude, presence, passion and fulfillment.

Profound Aliveness.

When you are Energy Rich you have a profound aliveness that is so contagious that you end up deeply influencing the world around you simply by “showing up”, and since you have so much energy, you are able to show up more powerfully in every situation.

Effortless Manifestation

When you are Energy Rich you accomplish more, not through more effort, but through a more resourceful way of being that effortlessly magnetizes your ultimate life to you.


Stay clear, present and centered, even when your circumstances are chaotic or stressful.  

BCL uses cutting-edge mind-body technologies to help you live Energy Rich.

Unlike retreats that give you a short break from your “real life” before sending you back into it, or coaching and personal development programs that teach you how to think differently, BCL teaches you how to interact with your body and energy system differently, so that you consistently show up for life clear, centered and in the zone.

When you live with your body and energy at the forefront of your awareness, you truly become a Body Centered Leader.

Meet the founder

Dr. John Amaral